Sun Yoga Studio becomes the 1st

Sun Yoga Studio in Berlin, Germany is the first European studio that adds Bikyasa Hot Yoga to their schedule.
While they are putting it under the name Sun Yoga C because they have the Sun Yoga B (which is the 26 Hot Yoga practice) and Sun Yoga A (which is the Absolute Yoga Series. Coincidentally, Gabriel also participated and influenced the development of the Absolute Yoga Series when he was their Creative Director ).

Sun Yoga will be holding Bikyasa Training and Immersion in 2013. Be sure to stay tuned for your opportunity to immerse in this magnetic and modern practice.

One of the graduates, Karolina Pirog will be taking Bikyasa to her home country Poland. We are excited at her opportunity to bring Hot Yoga to Poland.


3 thoughts on “Sun Yoga Studio becomes the 1st

  1. That’s right. I will try to make Bikyasa popular in Wroclaw, where I live. And I hope that next year Gabriel will come for retreat! Bikyasa rocks! :)))

  2. I took the workshop with Gabriel at Sun Yoga. It was a great experience. Here is a little something I wrote on my experiences…:

    Taking the 10 day Bikyasa immersion was a very big challenge for me.
    I am not a yoga teacher.
    I am a physical performer who got into hot yoga during a physically and emotionally hard time – though the more I talk to other yogis, I realize that my story is not so different from many who say that starting yoga changed their lives, saved their lives, saved their health. I am very grateful for that.

    I don‘t know if I will ever work as a yoga teacher – although as a freelance performer I have been looking for a possible second career for a while. Somehow I had never managed to take that first step into a new direction. There were many excuses: bad timing, not enough money, bad emotional place…
    Taking the 10 day course, therefore, was my first step ANYWHERE else but the place I have known for the past 12 years. It meant leaving my comfort zone. Entering an unknown place.
    If you do something for 12 years you get used to being good. You learn how to avoid „accidents“, you‘re in control. But there is a point where I realized: I may be in a creative job, expressing myself – but for a long time I haven‘t done much more than repitition, reproduction. Funny enough – the first English word that I had to look up in the dictionary during the course was: to regurgitate!

    My work is very physical. I perform in front of people, but actually I can hide behind a safe mask of impressive skill.
    I want to find progress in life, but am often unclear, scared even, finding it hard to make decisions, to be commited and confident. It is not easy for me to express myself verbally, clearly, decidedly.
    So, this is what attracted me to teaching hot yoga: finding that clarity in language and expressing it confidently. Finding simple words for clear action. Being in front of a class of people – not in a role, but as ME – and leading them with my voice. Daring to be a leader. Finding simple but very clear language – that was the biggest challenge for me!

    On day 1 – stepping into a classroom full of people who were all more advanced than me was another challenge I had wanted to face: accepting to be a beginner, not being top of class, accepting to fall and learn.
    In fact – most things that were taught, which were meant to be passed on to „my“ students, were mainly lessons for me too! It all applied to me too. And I know that those life-lessons apply to all of us all of the time – if only we dare to accept that scary place of the unknown (which really sounds a lot more scary in theory than it is in reality).

    Learning to trust a „system“ was another very valuable lesson. In fact – this is what has so far made Bikram Yoga work for me as a practitioner. Now I was getting to know that same principle on another level: even as I am being a teacher – the one who GIVES the knowledge, the instructions, the confidence – I can also surrender to a bigger, a higher authority. I can surrender all my fears and doubts and insecurities – switch off my judgement and just absorb knowledge and information without trying to „figure it out“ and simply just giving it a try by applying it, letting it go through my system and watching what it does!

    Therefore – after spending a week of translating the dialogue into German, of pacing up and down „learning my lines“, of choosing play lists and trying to remember the moments to switch the heat / light / fan on or off — I taught my first Bikyasa class on Sunday!
    And no matter how it could have gone: I already accomplished what I had aimed for: to accept the challenge, to go through with it. Feeling completely un-prepared, under-rehearsed, „naked“… But wasn‘t that exactly what I had been looking for?

    And in the end it went well! Well – I got through! No major disasters. I taught the right poses in the right order and the right music was playing in the right moments. I didn‘t get stuck. My brain melted a little, but it didn‘t go into a freeze. Words came out of my mouth for 90 minutes and people were doing yoga for 90 minutes while Billy Idol, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Sting were doing their part to kick their asses!
    And of course – like with any other premiere – afterwards I thought of all the things I forgot, of all the clever things I could have said, all the chances to give indiviual advice to people, to offer some personal input from me… But I am really very happy and proud to have mastered that one class.
    I have no idea if there will be more, but i know that if that happens: it will be much better already. And after a few more of those – it would be absolute pure fun and pleasure!

    I also feel that teaching a class has made my experience of yoga a bit more complete. Not only to practise yoga, but to help create a space and energy for others, to give, to share – that somehow made my yoga horizon a little wider. I feel more calm and grounded, and I can actually see a difference in the way I naturally talk to people – also more calm and clear.
    What a wonderful process!
    Thank you for sharing! Thank you Gabriel for sharing your truth and your knowledge and your passion!

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