BikYasa Teacher Training in Evansville, IN

BikYasa Teacher Training

BikYasa Hot Yoga is Today’s fastest growing expression of Hot and Vinyasa Yoga

Join BikYasa creator Gabriel Azoulay in a 5 day training program that will teach you how to stand and lead, teach with your voice, and discover how to balance modern music into your class.

You will learn why Hot Vinyasa (BikYasa) Yoga is the most popular trend in Yoga and how you can help inspire and heal your students.

5 Day Certificate Training
Dec 13 – 17, 2012
8am – 2pm (Sunday, Dec. 16 10:30am – 4:30pm)
Cost: $595

Course provides 50hr CE Yoga
Alliance for RYT

In association with Tri-State Yoga Studio, Evansville, IN.

BikYasa Yoga Teacher Training
50 CE YA course

In association with Yoga and Life, H3 Yoga and founder Gabriel Azoulay will be sharing the principles and benefits of Hot Flow Yoga and preparing teachers to lead an 80 Bikyasa Yoga class.

BikYasa classes will be on the Yoga & Life starting in mid Dec.

Contact: Stacey Riley Shanks
(812) 455-6740


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