BikYasa is any Hot Flow Yoga

BikYasa is just a word.

A made up word, much like many new made up words in the yoga and internet world.

A made up word that gives credit to Hot and Flow in a sanskrit inspired way.

Gabriel Azoulay was meditating one day, wondering why new words such as ‘yinyasa’ came into the yoga world, he realized that so many yoga teachers use the word ‘yasa’ to mean something that flows, hence ‘yinyasa’ is a yin class that flows.

He began to research and with his friend Liza Long he discovered:

In arabic, ‘bik’ is part of a standard greeting and means “with you.”

Looking at, Gabriel discovered that a bhiksu is an ordained Buddhist monk.
There’s a Jewish version of the word as well, meaning “first fruits.”

Ever since then Gabriel has enjoyed playing with these concepts, and he realized that studios that have Hot Flow yoga classes are simply teaching ‘BikYasa.’ The word popped into his head and has stayed ever since.

As every yoga style has both a sanskrit sounding name and an english name version, BikYasa is a fun way to share with your friends that you are practicing Hot Flow Yoga.

You might practice Hot Flow with GabeYoga (he calls his class BikYasa) or you might practice at hundreds of new Hot Flow Yoga studios.

Whether you call it Hot Flow or BikYasa, is the same difference between going to Flow or VinYasa classes.

Think about it….


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