Feed Your Yoga Podcast Is Here!

You feed your body, but do you feed your yoga?

In this new podcast series, you are exposed to real life yoga teachers who are making a difference in their community.

The first 100 episodes will be interviews with Male Yoga Teachers to help inspire more men to practice, as well as to get a glimpse at the complexity of yoga teaching in a world with so many female practitioners.

Listen here to the introduction and sign up for the iTunes feed!

Each episode will share how each yoga teacher answers these set of questions:

– As a male teacher what are some of the challenges you have experienced?
– Has some of those challenges based on physical attraction from you to the student or from the student to you. How do you deal with that?
– When did you start your yoga practice?
– What inspired you to start the practice?
– What then inspired you to become a teacher?
– What does your yoga practice consist of?
– Does it follow a tradition like ashtanga or sivananda or zen meditation or is it more a inspired creation?
– Are you a full time yoga teacher or do you supplement your income through other sources? Such as owning a yoga studio, published a book, run teacher training or events?
– What would you tell your earlier self about “making it” in the yoga world today?
– What are some of the challenges you see facing yoga teachers in today’s market?
– How do you see these challenges impacting yoga students?
– What 3 tips for success do you have for new teachers?
– How about for seasoned teachers?
– Would you like to share any other tips or insights from your teaching, practice or travel experience?

Click here to listen now

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